This book has kicked my you-know-what. It was previously released in 2012 by my former publisher. The rights to the book reverted back to me earlier this year and I decided to make it better and (much) more affordable . . . how does free sound? The reason it’s taken so long is because I’ve gone through the publishing process of this book once before and I experienced a lot of resistance the second time around. I worried if it was going to be good enough, but I was finally able to kick it and get it ready for you to read.

You can grab the completely remastered edition of Obsidian (Mystic Stones Series #1) from your favorite retailer right now, but first, here’s the description, cover and links to all the main retailers.

1 - Obsidian

Obsidian: Mystic Stones Series #1

The Big Island of Hawaii is a beautiful place, but deadly vampires move in for the kill.

In the year 2020, Ava wakes up to discover satellite technology has been compromised. It doesn’t take her long to find out who’s behind it, but it’s something more than a corporation out to monopolize technology. It’s a legion of vampires out to monopolize blood.

After falling for the charm of a powerful vampire, Ava is forced to make difficult decisions for herself and her loved ones.

Tom Walker is relentless. He wants her to join him, not only as a co-worker and a love interest but also as a vampire. After fleeing Hawaii, Ava meets Jesse Sutton, but something’s off about him too.

A war is brewing, and Ava’s part is bigger than she realizes.

Previously released in 2012, now remastered and available for FREE at these retailers:

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To add more good news to the FREElease of Obsidian, Moonstone, the second book of the series is available for preorder and will be released on February 1st. Moonstone can be read before Obsidian, but you’ll follow along much easier if you read Obsidian first.

 Moonstone: Mystic Stones Series #2

2 - Moonstone

Before Ava Tanner discovered Psytech was behind the satellite virus, a destined meeting took place in a hotel on the American East Coast.

Dorin was just a cursed vampire looking for his next meal. Although his curse meant he needed to get creative with the way he ensnared his victim, Aila easily fell within his crosshairs.

One simple kiss could be the mistake that leads Aila to her grave. Dorin is an exquisite man with taste, charm and a way with words that fall from his perfect lips in a Romanian accent. Her chance meeting with him leads her into a dangerous world, which becomes even more treacherous when she meets Dorin’s devious brother.

When the dust clears, Aila must make a difficult decision which will determine the fate of her relationship with Dorin and the rest of her life.

The dark shadow of Psytech looms in the background of this romantic and daring tale.

Available to Preorder:

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