Writing Progress

Night Chaser #1 - 50%
Night Chaser #2 - 5%

Relaunch Progress

Stiletto...formerly Where the Carnies Are - 25%
Sideshow Superheroes...formerly Sideshows - 10%

Relaunch Progress

Obsidian - 20%
Moonstone - 5%
Amethyst - 5%

About Kayla Curry

Kayla Curry’s creative mind never sleeps. Literally.

At night, her active imagination produces dreams all night long. It’s those dreams that provide much of the inspiration for her stories which have a little Victorian charm mixed with a fairy tale flair.

Her works include Where the Carnies Are, Obsidian (Mystic Stones Series #1), and many short stories.

She lives in North Platte, Nebraska with her husband and two sons and she plans to keep writing and creating for the rest of her life.